Pup Idol! Simon Cowell’s Pups Squiddly and Diddly Become Fashion Models


Simon Cowell’s pet puppies have made their master proud – by already getting a paw on the celebrity ladder.

Squiddly and Diddly have been snapped in a Royal photo shoot alongside the Duchess of Cornwall’s Jack Russell Bluebell.

The Yorkshire terriers were recruited by Camilla’s journalist daughter-in-law Sara Parker Bowles for a posh Town & Country ­magazine shoot.


A source said: “Simon doesn’t want them to feel left out now he has baby Eric. He’s glad they’re getting some notoriety.

“They played city dogs and Bluebell was a country dog. They yapped a lot.”

More photos of the dogs on SQUIDDLY & DIDDLY’S Page

Outfits and photos: rubyrufus.com

Source: The Mirror


Simon Cowell’s Much-Loved Nanny Talks About Bringing Up Simon


Nicholas, Nanny Heather and Simon

If you’ve ever wondered who gave Simon Cowell his wicked sense of humour – The Mirror may just have discovered the culprit.

Step forward Heather James, the devoted and much-loved nanny who cared for Simon and his brothers in the 1960s.

Heather, now 73, finds it amusing that such a well-behaved boy as Simon now has a reputation as TV’s Mr Nasty.

He has even sent her a signed picture of himself with the jokey comment: “To the person who taught me to be horrible. Lots of love (miss you), Simon xxx”

Heather says: “Simon was a lovely child and there was no nonsense with his parents, Julie and Eric

She adds with a laugh: “I don’t know what on earth happened to him when he grew up. Nobody can get their head around that.”


Nicholas, Nanny Heather and Simon

Heather is thrilled by the birth of Simon’s son Eric on Valentine’s Day and has even offered to lend a hand.

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Simon Cowell’s Mum Julie Meets Her Grandson Eric.

Simon and Julie

Simon Cowell has paid an emotional visit to his mum Julie as he introduced her to baby Eric who is named after her late husband.

The meeting earlier this week is the first time Simon has seen his 88-year-old mum for several months and friends say holding Eric was “the final piece in the puzzle” for Julie as she now feels her family is complete.

The Mirror reveals Julie was thrilled when they visited her home with their son.

A source close to Simon said: “It was a lovely visit from Simon and Lauren and Julie was thrilled.

“There were some very emotional moments when she got to hold and touch Eric and his name is obviously very poignant for Julie as her husband Eric died in 1999.”


The Mirror also reveals baby Eric now has a new role in X Factor musical I Can’t Sing. Eric – or rather a body double – will appear on stage at the London Palladium.

The script has been edited this week to now include a showbiz debut for Eric and the Simon Cowell character appears on stage holding a baby.

SOURCE: The Mirror

Simon Cowell Has Bought Himself A Jaguar Eagle Speedster


Simon driving his new Eagle Speedster

Simon Cowell tweeted a photo of his new car saying ‘I think this may be the most beautiful car in the world. It’s made by Eagle. Thank you Henry,Paul and the team.’

Simon ordered the super-rare Eagle Speedster after watching Jeremy Clarkson drive it on Top Gear.

The motor started out life as a 1965 Jaguar E-Type until it came into the hands of Sussex-based restoration company Eagle.

They improved the brakes, suspension and interior, gave it an aluminium body and rebuilt the engine.

The result is 1960s styling with 2010s performance.

With 310bhp coming from its 4.7-litre engine, the Jaguar will accelerate from 0-60mph in less than five seconds and hit a top speed of more than 160mph.


Cowell is understood to have paid around £650,000 for the Speedster, which is one of just three ever built.

The company website tells us: There’s really no other word that describes the feeling of driving the Speedster – it just feels right. From the makers of the most exclusive hand-built car in the world comes a car that redefines the possibilities of the Jaguar E-Type.

Paul Brace, technical director at Eagle, added: ‘Simon got in touch after seeing it on Top Gear. ‘It is one of three, is hand built and we’re delighted Simon has the car.

‘He was over the moon when he saw it and we’re looking forward to delivering it to him in the US where he can enjoy it in the sunshine.’

Simon was also spotted in the the worlds smallest car, perhaps he is trying out out for baby Eric!


Although not exactly family friendly, Simon will have a lot of fun driving his new toy.

Stephen Mulhern Talks Working With Simon Cowell…


Stephen Mulhern host of Britain’s Got More Talent chats to Emily Retter from the Daily Mirror about working with Simon Cowell.

When asked what Stephen thought of the holiday snaps taken of Simon, Lauren, baby Eric and the dogs in Miami, he told Emily

“When I saw it I could only think Simon is acting so differently. This certainly isn’t the norm for him. And those dogs are suddenly taking centre stage, they haven’t before. I don’t know why they’re so prominent now.

“I think he’s thinking by having these photos taken, ‘Say what you will, think what you will, this is my baby and my life and I’m a very happy man’. But David Walliams will certainly tease him.

“I’m fascinated, it’s fascinating, and I can’t wait to see him.”

Stephen went on to say, Simon has delayed the next stage of filming Britain’s Got Talent by a week and a half so he can spend more time with three-week-old mini-me Eric.

Stephen adds: “I have two brothers and they both have kids and they absolutely transformed in a good way when they had them, so I can’t wait to see what Simon’s like. I honestly think this maybe the one thing that has completed him, I genuinely believe that.

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Simon Cowell’s Record Label Syco Music Sign Tamera Foster

X Factor finalists depart house

Tamera competed on X Factor last year, although having one of the best voices in the competition she finished in fifth place.

Tweeting in the early hours of the morning, Tamera announced ‘I’m The Newest member of syco music!! GET THAT WORKK! IM SO BLESSED TO HAVE MY DREAM JOB AT THE AGE OF 17,  Thank God Always💛’

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 08.27.58

Syco were quick to confirm the new signing tweeting ‘ .@OfficialTamera welcome to the family!’

A Syco source told The Sun on Sunday, “Tamera’s incredible…

“She got a rough time on the show because she forgot her lyrics all the time, but she’s incredibly young.

“There’s definitely something special about her…

“She’s a potential superstar in the making.”

As to when Tamera’s album will be released the Syco source said ”

“She wants to become a real artist and write some of her own material too.”

Simon is also said to have been hugely impressed with the 17-year-old star – who is thought to be the youngest artist signed to Syco – throughout last year’s series, even though she forgot her lyrics during live performances on more than one occasion.

He regularly watched the show – which he is set to return as a judge on this year – from the US, where he was filming the US version of The X Factor, and was a big fan of the teenager’s talent.

‘Simon was always incredibly keen on Tamera – he’s been a huge fan.’

Sonny Takhar, Syco Music Managing Director, added: ‘We are thrilled that Tamera has chosen Syco Music as her label home, she is a bonafide star!’

Tamera will get to work on her album as soon as the nationwide X Factor tour ends later this month.

Simon Cowell Buys His Son His First Aston Martin…


Simon Cowell has splashed the cash to get his baby son Eric his first Aston Martin…

Although it wasn’t a car and was in fact a top of the range pram, costing around £2,000.

The Sun reports today Simon and his partner Lauren Silverman bought the upmarket pram on a recent shopping trip to Harrods department store in London.


The upmarket pram as described on Harrods website

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