What is Simon Cowell Like Behind The Wheel of a Fast Car?

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Heat magazine caught up with Top Gear’s original Stig, Ben Collins and asked what celebrities where like when they got behind the wheel.

Simon Cowell, obviously he’s not shy and he was really good fun” said Ben. “He set the fastest time twice and in his own style but we had a good laugh and he spun me off the track in a noble super car at 120mph which was a chuckle.

He loves driving fast. When I was driving he maintained this stiff upper lip and nonchalant half grin, regardless of how hard I tried to push and show him how fast I could go. I didn’t realise they were going to let him drive afterwards – it’s always a mistake to show them how fast it can go and the we gave the keys to him and he definitely had some revenge.”

Maybe someone should tell Simon that when the little one arrives, he’ll have to drive a lot slower with a baby on board…

Source: Heatworld.com


Amanda Holden: ‘The X Factor Needs Simon Cowell’


Talking to Emma Daly in The Radio Times this week, Amanda Holden says “I think he’ll come back,” and goes on to say “it makes a huge difference when Simon is on a judging panel”.

Simon Cowell is busy filming Britain’s Got Talent right now, but fellow BGT judge Amanda Holden admits the X Factor needs him too.

“I hate saying that,” she added. “But it kind of does.”

Amanda also spoke about this years Britain’s Got Talent auditions ‘There have already been “death defying acts” in this year’s auditions – and that they’re exactly what Simon is looking for.

“You know Simon always says he wants death? We’ve had an act where I just thought people were going to die and it was so thrilling,” Holden tells RadioTimes.com.

So far none of the acts have prompted Holden to press the brand new golden buzzer, which whips an act past the judges, past the next round of auditions and straight into the live semi-finals.

“The frightening thing is I keep thinking, ‘When is the best time to use it?’ because you think, it’s for an act that I would feel personally very passionate about. There have been a lot of acts where the four of us have agreed and you think, oh, but then it’s pointless, you’re going to waste it.

“But what I have said to Simon is, if one of the judges presses that buzzer and then that act goes on to win the show, do we get an immediate contract to come back the following year? Or in my case, that’s great, but I would prefer a holiday in the Maldives, or just to sit on his yacht in Barbados!”

But Holden says only one man could make her give up her spot on the panel.

“It’s my favourite job of the year. As long as they want me I’ll do it. I’m here and I’ve always said if Simon sacks me personally I’ll go, but if he gets someone else to ring me, I’m back.”

Source: Radio Times

Simon Cowell Will Return To The UK X Factor For 2014


Reports today suggest Simon Cowell is moving back to Britain to return as a judge on this year’s X Factor. He met British TV bosses last week and agreed to return.

ITV originally discussed Simon’s return to the UK show in September while agreeing a deal for a new three-year renewal deal for the talent show, and the source said: ‘It was made very clear to Simon that everyone was desperate for him to be back on the UK X Factor panel.’

A source said “Simon is determined to get the show back to its best. He’ll sign the deal very soon but has told the team that he’s on board.

“Everyone’s over the moon.”

Simon, has also told executives at the Kensington headquarters of his record label Syco that he would be back and living in the capital.

In a further sign that his return is for the foreseeable future, he has built a nursery at his house with a London skyline mural on the wall, according to insiders.

The source added: “His primary home will be in London, although he will keep his LA residences. “Lauren will also move over here but split her time between London and New York where her son is based.”

“His heart is in the UK and he is delighted with the nursery. The mural was his idea.”

US X Factor bosses wanted Simon to stay on the Stateside version of the show and fly between LA and London.

But Simon told them he was committed to the UK version and declined their offer. He will still be involved in the US show although not as a judge.

Simon’s spokesman said: “No comment.”

Will you tune back into the X Factor UK if Simon returns?

SOURCE: Mirror and MailOnline

Simon Cowell and The Britain’s Got Talent Judges Go To Cardiff


Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams arrived in Cardiff on Wednesday 22nd January. Auditions started with some outside displays including a motorbike display team. 


While the girls looked like they were having a great time watching the outside auditions, Simon Cowell and David Walliams met some of their biggest fans and signed autographs.

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Simon Cowell Has Banned Sob Stories From Auditions Of Britain’s Got Talent


Simon Cowell has banned sob stories from the auditions of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

As he and other judges flew to Belfast for the first time ever, he told the waiting hopefuls not to bore him with sad tales of hardship.

Simon spoke out after hearing one Irish singer tell how she’d had a tough life in which music had been her saviour.

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Sinitta Says She Is Going To Be Godmother To Simon Cowell’s Child


Sinitta who is currently filming ‘The Jump’ in Austria spoke to The Telegraph about Simon becoming a father for the first time.

Sinitta spent the Christmas holiday with Simon and Lauren in Barbados, “It was great because it’s hard when there are huge changes and you are at a distance from each other,” she says. “But to see Simon and Lauren together, I’m just feeling this is going to bring us closer – I found it comforting and reassuring really. And it’s so nice to see Simon happy – not lost exactly, but happy and bewildered now he’s going to be a father. He’s got a few months to get used to that, because he hasn’t thought that way for 40 or 50 years.”

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