Simon Cowell’s Mum Julie Meets Her Grandson Eric.

Simon and Julie

Simon Cowell has paid an emotional visit to his mum Julie as he introduced her to baby Eric who is named after her late husband.

The meeting earlier this week is the first time Simon has seen his 88-year-old mum for several months and friends say holding Eric was “the final piece in the puzzle” for Julie as she now feels her family is complete.

The Mirror reveals Julie was thrilled when they visited her home with their son.

A source close to Simon said: “It was a lovely visit from Simon and Lauren and Julie was thrilled.

“There were some very emotional moments when she got to hold and touch Eric and his name is obviously very poignant for Julie as her husband Eric died in 1999.”


The Mirror also reveals baby Eric now has a new role in X Factor musical I Can’t Sing. Eric – or rather a body double – will appear on stage at the London Palladium.

The script has been edited this week to now include a showbiz debut for Eric and the Simon Cowell character appears on stage holding a baby.

SOURCE: The Mirror


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