Simon Cowell Talks About Spending Family Time With Baby Eric in Miami


Simon Cowell has spoken about the criticism he and Lauren received on flying Eric to Miami and taking him to the beach.

‘We are having a great holiday. “Eric is one hundred per cent doing brilliantly and he is so happy.”

‘Look, you know what babies are like, he would let us know if he wasn’t. But, actually, he is brilliant. He is sleeping brilliantly, and feeding really well. We are having a good time together. It is special, absolutely.’

It’s clear that Simon has been stung by some of the criticism of his holiday thus far. He rejects suggestions that the infant was too young to travel. He also claims that Eric has enjoyed his time at the beach.

‘I just want people to be clear that, yes, he has gone on a plane very early on, but the paediatrician in New York cleared him to travel,’ he insists. ‘We would not have done it otherwise. We would never dream of putting him at any risk.’

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Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Dine Out In Miami Last Night


Well rested! Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman look at ease as they step out for dinner.

They looked relaxed and happy as they sauntered into a local restaurant for a bite to eat on Thursday – and little wonder. 


Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman appeared well rested during their current stay in Miami, where they are currently holidaying following the birth of son Eric on February 14.

The couple was spotted as they made their way into the coastal eatery for dinner.

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Simon And Lauren Take Baby Eric and The Dogs Out For An Evening Stroll Before Dinner


Simon Cowell looked like he enjoyed a bit too much sun as he headed out for dinner with Lauren Silverman last night in Miami.

simon,lauren,mish, kelly2

Prior to dinner they were joined by friends as they took an evening stroll with baby Eric and Squiddly and Diddly.

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Squiddly and Diddly have their own photo page too.

Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman, Baby Eric & Squiddly & Diddly Spend A Third Day on the Beach


They’re currently on holiday in Miami and Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman spent another day enjoying the sunshine on the idyllic beach close to where they are staying.

The new parents had their beautiful son, Eric with them, who was born on Valentine’s Day, as well as their two adorable Yorkshire Terriers, Squiddly and Diddly.

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Simon Cowell “Cheryl is Going To Kill Me When She Sees It”


Simon Cowell claims Cheryl Cole is ‘going to kill’ him when she sees his new X Factor musical.

In an interview with The Sunday Times Culture supplement, Simon: “We had lots of people trying to do really serious versions of the show, but we just turned them down.

“When Harry used to take the p*** out of us on TV Burp, we all wanted to be the one he parodied.

“He knew we had banned the word ‘journey’ – they’re not on a journey, they’re on a talent show for a couple of weeks, so we fined anyone who used the word ‘journey’.

“Then we banned the word ‘dream’ because it was getting out of control.

“Of course, when he pitched it to me, the first song they played was called Journey to a Dream. It made me laugh and I was in.”

Speaking before the birth of his son Eric on February 14, Simon added: “The deal I made with Harry was, ‘I’m not going to change a word’.

“It is what it is. If it looks like I had an influence, it won’t work.”

Harman explained that while he imitates classic Cowell mannerisms such as the way he stands and uses his hands, the performance delves into “a whole new realm of farce”.

“People will sit in the audience and go ‘I can’t believe he’s allowed this to happen,”‘ said Harman.

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Simon Cowell: “Cheryl Cole Would Be Crazy To Turn Down An X Factor Comeback”


Simon Cowell also questioned whether Cheryl is still the national sweetheart that made her such a huge hit with fans back in 2010.

The new dad told James Ingham from The Star on Sunday: “I think she would be crazy to turn it down but you never know with Cheryl.

“She needs the show, but then we need her too. We both need each other.

“Is she still the nation’s sweetheart? She hasn’t been on TV for three years so who knows.

“She hasn’t been around for a while but she only needs to peel an orange and she’s in the papers. That’s the interesting thing about her.”

Admitting Cheryl had got cold feet, Simon added: “To be fair to Cheryl it’s not about the money, it’s whether she can handle the pressure.

“I’m not sure yet though. She still has her poker face on.”

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