Simon Cowell Talks About Spending Family Time With Baby Eric in Miami


Simon Cowell has spoken about the criticism he and Lauren received on flying Eric to Miami and taking him to the beach.

‘We are having a great holiday. “Eric is one hundred per cent doing brilliantly and he is so happy.”

‘Look, you know what babies are like, he would let us know if he wasn’t. But, actually, he is brilliant. He is sleeping brilliantly, and feeding really well. We are having a good time together. It is special, absolutely.’

It’s clear that Simon has been stung by some of the criticism of his holiday thus far. He rejects suggestions that the infant was too young to travel. He also claims that Eric has enjoyed his time at the beach.

‘I just want people to be clear that, yes, he has gone on a plane very early on, but the paediatrician in New York cleared him to travel,’ he insists. ‘We would not have done it otherwise. We would never dream of putting him at any risk.’

Eric is still so tiny that he stayed indoors throughout his time in New York, to avoid the snow storms.

The trip to Miami was in part to spend some time with Lauren’s family. Her mother, Carole Saland, a thrice-married estate agent, and father, Steven Davis, an accountant, live in the city’s suburbs.

Simon walked the dogs while Lauren stayed under an umbrella with the baby. On their 90-minute visit, they were photographed and videoed by a large group of paparazzi.

Simon said ‘The whole idea was to have a holiday and to have some fresh air after being in New York where it’s so cold and so hard to get around.

‘Getting out of New York was a good idea. They have this hot-air heating and we all needed some fresh air instead. The trouble was our Miami hotel room had no natural light. It was like being in an igloo, so we decided to get to the beach.


‘But then when we went out, there were literally 50 photographers out there. They were poking their lenses under the canvas to get shots.

‘It was crazy. I said to my assistant: “Isn’t there something we can do?” and she said: “Well, it’s difficult, you are on a public beach here.”’

In answer to the criticism of the dogs getting too close to the baby, Simon said ‘The dog wasn’t licking [Eric’s] face, he was sniffing him. What I wanted was for the dogs to get used to him. My parents did just the same for me when I was a baby and we had dogs.’

‘The dogs are doing great. They are fantastic. The point is that we are a proper family now, which is what I always wanted.

‘I know that there will be photos where Eric looks like he is in the sun, or photos where he looks like there’s a dog in his face, or it looks like we aren’t being great parents — but that isn’t the case. We are taking great care of him all the time.’

‘In this new hotel, we have a terrace and we are able to be outside, but still be private,’ he says. There will be a few more days of relaxation in Miami. Simon says that Lauren’s son Adam is flying out from New York to Miami and will spend a couple of days with his grandparents. Presumably he will also meet his new brother.

Lauren will then fly with Adam and Eric back to New York, before she and Eric return to Miami for a few days, and then Simon will fly to London.

‘It is a lot of travelling, but I think it’s going to be fine,’ he says.

Simon is expected to arrive back in London on Thursday next week.


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