Simon Cowell and Lauren Stop Off In San Diego On Their Way To Visit A Dog Kennels


Are Simon Cowell and Lauren looking for a puppy?

Simon and Lauren stopped off in San Diego on their way to visit the Yellow Brick Road Kennels which breed Cairn terriers. And rather aptly named because a Cairn terrier was used to play Toto in the Wizard of Oz.

Simon tweeted a couple of weeks ago “I am going to get two dogs when I get back. Probably Cairn terriers. If any rescue shelters have some let me know.”

Although it’s not a rescue shelter, the Yellow Brick Road Kennels is run by a family of breeders who have been raising Cairns and their puppies for years. A good move by Simon as specialist breeding establishments breed happy healthy dogs.

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Simon Cowell Practices Holding A Baby On A Day Out With Lauren In Santa Monica


Simon thought he should get some practice in as he holds a strangers baby on a day our with Lauren Silverman in Santa Monica. California.

Simon and Lauren patiently greeted fans, shaking hands here and there, and at one point found themselves with quite the entourage in tow.

A gaggle of admirers walked in step with the famous pair, causing them both to lose themselves in fits of giggles.

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Simon Cowell: The Baby, The Best Night Ever and Why There Are “Too Many” Singing Shows.


Time Entertainment talk exclusively to Simon Cowell

He’s been judging televised talent competitions for more than a decade, but Cowell, who turns 54 on Oct. 7, is still coming up with ways to tell people they can’t sing. Even with the third season of the U.S. version of The X Factor under way and a much-buzzed-about baby due soon, he  found a moment to talk with TIME.

TIME: I saw on Twitter that you were recently on a plane deciding between watching a Batman movie and Seabiscuit. Which did you pick?

Cowell: Seabiscuit. I’ve probably seen the movie about three times so I didn’t get all the way through it, but I love that movie.

You must spend a lot of time on airplanes.

And I actually hate traveling. I get bored the second I walk on. I’m slightly claustrophobic and I hate the air, so I’m just willing it to end the second I get on.

Does watching a movie help?

Yeah, and because I charter planes I can smoke and I can have a few drinks. So…

That makes it a little bit easier!

A little bit easier.

Do you pay attention at all to what people say to you on Twitter? I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people just asking for a follow…

I do get a lot of that. I’m always curious to see what they say, particularly when the show’s running. I kind of watch Twitter at the same time. It tells me who they like, who they don’t like, and it’s a really good barometer for what’s happening. It might make me look at a contestant in a different way, whether [my followers] hate them or love them.

You actually did a little singing yourself on The X Factor already this season…

If someone saw the clip without the part that came before it and they thought I really sang like that, that wouldn’t be great.

So is your actual voice pretty decent?

It’s okay. I have done back-up vocals on tracks before but it’s not something I feel that confident about.

Did you ever have any desire to be the one singing rather than judging?

When I had my first electric guitar when I was 12 years old, maybe for five minutes. Then I realized I couldn’t play it and that was the end of that. But a lot of my family friends were TV producers, film producers, and I kind of wanted to be a film producer more than anything else. Then I found myself in television and music—and now I did actually get to make my first movie this year, and that was always a lifelong ambition, which was the One Direction movie. I think the night I turned up at the premiere in London, it really was one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had.

What would you say to yourself if you came to audition on X Factor?

I would say ‘stick to your day job, you’re doing fine.’

Do you think of one-liners in advance ever?

No, but I’ve worked with people who’ve done that before. There was one guy who wrote a whole book of one-liners and I always remember this ghastly audition where he was so desperate to say something funny that he was flipping through all these pages trying to find a funny thing that actually wasn’t funny. It was excruciating. You have to go into an audition with a very, very open mind. Then whatever pops into your mind, I think it’s best to refer to it that way. That way you really can relate, I hope, to what people are thinking at home.

The X Factor is one of three major singing-competition shows that are airing this season. Are there too many? 

There are too many. If you count the cable shows and the network shows at the moment — I mean, we knew this was going to happen. They were never going to allow us to be the only show in town. The problem is, a lot of producers work on one show then they get poached and they go on another show, so elements of what they did before you suddenly see appearing on another show and then everything looks the same. I’ve run a record label now for, I think, 30 years and the one thing I’ve understood is cycles. Everything goes round in a cycle. If it gets way, way too crowded, we have to give it a rest and come back with something different.

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One Direction Sign A New Record Deal With Simon Cowell’s Label Syco


One Direction have inked a massive new deal with Simon Cowell and his SYCO company which will see them landing huge payouts for the next three years, as long as they adhere to all his conditions.

The band have agreed to release another three albums with Simon Cowell, which will land them a cool £10 million and the contract runs from after their third record Midnight Memories is released and ties them in until 2016.

There have been in depth negotiations going on behind the scenes for most of 2013 it’s bee claimed but the terms have now been agreed and it’s said that the fab fivesome have agreed to release three albums after their forthcoming record, which will include two more studio projects and then a greatest hits compilation.

The stars are currently wrapping up their Take Me Home tour in Australia and have already announced their Where We Are stadium tour for 2014. It’s said that there will be more tours on the cards for the stars after that.

“The boys, Simon and their team have already started planning for their fourth album, even though the third isn’t out yet.”

The £10 million will only be the start of their earnings too, as the band will also rake in the case from their tours, merchandise, appearances and maybe even another movie.

“It’s worth a lot of cash too. They’ll get a big upfront payment worth millions then much more from record sales, tours, brand tie-ins and merchandise.”


Last night a Syco spokesman confirmed: “Simon Cowell and One Direction are delighted to confirm they have agreed to continue their hugely successful relationship with a new long-term agreement with Syco.

“Simon and the band look forward to many years of continued success together.”

Simon cryptically tweeted his fans this week about some other projects he has planned, and about loyalty between him and his artists. He said:

“Loyalty is still alive in the music industry. Expect a release this week and some other news.”

Simon Cowell Wants YOU! The Britain’s Got Talent Search Is On…

The search is on for contestants for the 2014 series of Britain’t Got Talent.  Have you got what it takes?

Speaking of this year’s quest for new talent, show creator and judge Simon Cowell said “This year I want even bigger and better than before. We want the sensational, the original and of course the best. I want something that I’ve never seen before.”

The full list of audition cities, dates and how to apply

The X Factor USA Goes From Concert To Coliseum In The Exciting All New Four Chair Challenge Round


When THE X FACTOR’s nationwide auditions come to a close this week the judges – Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio – must choose the Top 40 acts. After deliberations in Los Angeles, only 10 acts from each category – Boys, Girls, Over 25s and Groups – will be selected to move forward in the competition, and the category assignments will be revealed to the judges.

Starting on Wednesday October 2nd The X Factor enters unchartered territory with an all-new ultimate showdown – The Four Chair Challenge.  As the Top 40 acts perform in front of a passionate and vocal audience of thousands, each judge must choose just four acts that they will take with them into the live shows. The tension escalates as the judges make their toughest cuts – and the crowd fights back!

“This is a brand new section of the show and we had no idea what to expect when we filmed it,” said judge Simon Cowell, “but it became obvious very quickly that it really raises the stakes – for the contestants, for the judges – and especially for the audience. It’s a cross between Musical Chairs…and a Roman Coliseum. At one point, the audience totally disagreed with the judges and was so out of control we actually had to stop filming. What happened next was extraordinary. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

In the Four Chair Challenge, contestants who impress the judges will be given a chair on the new “X”-shaped stage, and the others will be sent home. But just because they get a chair, it doesn’t mean they are safe. Each judge has the choice to replace one of his/her already seated acts with a new act, or send that act straight home, upping the emotion and drama to new heights.

Taped in front of a live audience at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, the Four Chair Challenge round continues Thursday Oct 3rd  (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT and Wednesday Oct 9th ), concluding Thursday Oct 10th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), when only the Top 16 acts will remain. Then, on the season’s first LIVE show, airing on a special night Tuesday Oct 29th, (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), the Top 16 will perform.

Simon Cowell Gives A Revealing Radio Interview To Ryan Seacrest

28Simon Cowell: “I am happy at the moment actually,  kind of an unusual feeling. … Overall, everything is fine. But obviously I had a very traumatic time over the summer.”

“I genuinely never thought [me being a Dad] was going to happen … Partly because I was scared of who I was going to have kids with…[but] Lauren and I get along really well and once I got used to the idea I thought, ‘I think this is going to be very good.’”

As for where the baby will be born, Simon admits that hasn’t been decided yet, but he thinks either London or New York, although he prefers London. “Obviously, I would have to make sure the baby has an English accent,” he jokes. But in all seriousness, he adds, “I said to Lauren, ‘What if I just play me on tape while the baby is sleeping so the baby can hear me and have a British accent and his first words will be, ‘You’re absolutely useless!”

When it comes to the delivery of the baby, Simon admits he won’t be getting a front row seat at the birth. “Are you out of your mind?” he laughs. “I know this sounds awful, but it’s like you don’t want to go in to the restaurant while they’re making your dinner. I think there are certain things you shouldn’t see and that is one of them. I’ll be very close by, but no [I won’t watch.]” When asked if having a baby means he and Lauren will get married, the unusually smitten judge reveals: “Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t expect her to be a single mother.”

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