Stephen Mulhern Talks Working With Simon Cowell…


Stephen Mulhern host of Britain’s Got More Talent chats to Emily Retter from the Daily Mirror about working with Simon Cowell.

When asked what Stephen thought of the holiday snaps taken of Simon, Lauren, baby Eric and the dogs in Miami, he told Emily

“When I saw it I could only think Simon is acting so differently. This certainly isn’t the norm for him. And those dogs are suddenly taking centre stage, they haven’t before. I don’t know why they’re so prominent now.

“I think he’s thinking by having these photos taken, ‘Say what you will, think what you will, this is my baby and my life and I’m a very happy man’. But David Walliams will certainly tease him.

“I’m fascinated, it’s fascinating, and I can’t wait to see him.”

Stephen went on to say, Simon has delayed the next stage of filming Britain’s Got Talent by a week and a half so he can spend more time with three-week-old mini-me Eric.

Stephen adds: “I have two brothers and they both have kids and they absolutely transformed in a good way when they had them, so I can’t wait to see what Simon’s like. I honestly think this maybe the one thing that has completed him, I genuinely believe that.

Simon and Stephen Mulhern

“I have seen over eight years how he is when young performers come on the show, he has a very caring and loving side. I think this will be a moment in his life that will change everything.”

Stephen attempted to give Simon a present for Eric when he last saw him before the birth – a Catchphrase board game, which Simon promptly rejected.

“It was a bit of a laugh. He immediately said ‘That is self-promotion – take that back’,” he laughs. “I do know him well, but only when we’re filming. When you’re filming you have the best laugh. When you finish he disappears. He’s gone.

“At the end of a series he throws a small party. And, again, he’s gone.”

Stephen, who rose through the ranks of kids’ TV to host his new prime time show has another present waiting.

“I have bought a big teddy bear with my face on it,” he admits. “I don’t know how that will go down… he’ll either love it and embrace it or find it hideous.

“But I like to do stuff that gets a reaction. That’s the way to be with Simon. You have to keep him entertained. He’s like a big kid himself.”

Stephen gives eye-opening glimpses into Simon’s childlike world, especially with fellow BGT judge David Walliams.

“Simon and David will sit and argue about who has the most entertaining dog. All the judges have dogs, I suggested we have a ‘dog off’.

“Simon will accuse David’s dog of being boring. You sit back and think this is weird, this is the most powerful man in entertainment.”

“Another time Simon gave David some of his mouthwash. We were in the judges’ room. Instantly you can see in David’s eyes it’s burning him…and then Simon is chasing David and they’re running round the table, it’s like a sitcom.”

Britain’s Got Talent returns to ITV next month

SOURCE: Daily Mirror


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