America’s Got Talent Renewed By NBC, A New Show On The Horizon And Simon Cowell Is Teaching Eric to Swim


America’s Got Talent is renewed for a 10th season by NBC, the format – which is executive produced and was created by Simon Cowell and is co-owned and produced by Syco Entertainment and FremantleMedia –  can boast world-record breaking appeal and massive successes in the US as well as around the world.

The award winning entertainment format is officially the “Most Successful Reality TV Format in the World “ – with local versions sold to 62 countries, holding the Official all-time Guinness World Record for this achievement.America’s Got Talent is broadcast in an incredible 193 countries and in the US has been ranked the #1 summer program every year since its first season in 2006.

Simon Cowell said We are thrilled that America’s Got Talent will be coming back for its 10th year in 2015 and I would like to thank NBC for their continued support. This is great news following the Guinness World Record title for the Most Successful Reality TV format in the World. As always with this show, we hope to find a star and this years talent in America looks really, really good”

“There’s so many music shows on at the moment, there was always going to be this problem of dilution. The whole reason we devised ‘Talent’ is it was supposed to be different,” Cowell said.

He attributes its success worldwide in large part to careful handling by FremantleMedia, its co-owner and producer with Cowell’s Syco Entertainment. The program airs just once a year in each market to avoid wearing out the format’s welcome.

In contrast, he considers his U.S. version of “The X Factor” singing contest a victim of overcrowding, canceled by Fox after three seasons. Simon said if he had it to do over again he would have insisted Fox choose between it or network sibling “American Idol.”

“Having two shows and ‘The Voice’ (on NBC) running at the same time was way too much,” he said. “If they had kept with ‘X Factor’ and had more confidence in it, the show would have done what it is in the U.K.,” where it’s a hit.

Simon also announced he is planning on returning to the arena with another singing contest. It’s been in development for about eight months and will have a new twist — he’s keeping that secret — to distinguish itself from the competition, he said.

He’ll present the idea to U.S. networks when he thinks it’s ready, he said, along with another talent show that he’s working on that, like “AGT,” isn’t solely just music-related.

On a personal note he’s revelling in first-time fatherhood with his infant son with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman.

“He’s amazing. We’re in the Hamptons (in New York) at the moment, taking a break. He’s 5 months old, learning to swim,”


One thought on “America’s Got Talent Renewed By NBC, A New Show On The Horizon And Simon Cowell Is Teaching Eric to Swim

  1. You know our family will watch pretty much anything you produce because it’s clean, fun and generally interactive. We still watch AI, and of course, we wouldn’t miss AGT. So I’m looking forward to the new show, and I’m sure it will be great. More important, though, is that Eric is learning to swim already. I know they do this now, and it’s a good thing when children are around a pool on a regular basis. My big question is what Squiddly and Diddly think of this? Do they “help” him? I’m so happy for all three of you–and the dogs!!!

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