Simon Cowell Wants ANOTHER Baby – And This Time He’s Hoping For A Girl


Lauren Silverman speaks to The Daily Mirror in her first interview, about how Simon is coping with fatherhood, and how happy they are since the birth of their son Eric.

Simon has only just become a father, but Simon Cowell is already hoping for another baby – and this time he wants a daughter, his girlfriend has revealed.

Lauren Silverman, said Simon was an “amazing” dad to three-month-old son Eric and added: “ We’ll definitely have more children.”

She said: “I would like one more, I think it will be a girl, Simon wants a girl very badly.”


Lauren was speaking for the first time about Eric’s birth and said it was a “blessing” as she feared she could not have any more children.

She said she had tried for some time with now-ex-husband Andrew Silverman, after the birth of their son Adam eight years ago.

But she only got pregnant again after starting an affair with Simon.


At the launch of the London Cabaret Club at hotspot The Collection, she said: “I was never able to have a child for a long time, it’s the biggest blessing.

“With Simon I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. He’s an amazing dad, he does all the nappies, very hands-on. I love him.”

Lauren now splits her time between London and New York, where son Adam lives with Andrew.

Adam met little Eric recently and Lauren said: “My older son is so in love with the baby, it’s been fantastic.”

At the West London event, X Factor boss Simon also revealed fatherhood was not exhausting him as they had hired a nanny.

He said: “I’m not having sleepless nights. A) I never sleep! And B) we have a nurse that looks after Eric at night times.”

Source: The Mirror


2 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Wants ANOTHER Baby – And This Time He’s Hoping For A Girl

  1. Y’all will soooo be in my prayers for a little girl. I’ve been following Simon’s doings for a long time on here, and seeing him blossom over little Eric has really been precious. And Simon would be absolutely “foolish” with a little girl!!! I said before he’s going to wind up on “Dancing With The Stars” just so he’ll be able to be amazing at their Father/Daughter Dance someday. (I’m picking up side bets on that!!!) It’s lovely seeing a couple that is so obviously happy, and I pray that will always be so for you. I said elsewhere that you should consider Nashville, TN as a prospective base at some point. It’s such a great place to raise kids, there are numerous excellent schools, and the people there never met a stranger!!! Besides that, there is a strong faith community there–both Christian and Jewish. Also, they are quite used to celebrities being in their midst, so if they talk to you, it’s as a neighbor, and mostly they’ll just smile and nod. Ask Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.

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