Simon Cowell Talks about the X Factor Musical and Cheryl Cole Still Doesn’t want Louis Walsh Back on X Factor


Simon Cowell attended the London Cabaret Club Spring VIP launch on Thursday night with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. Sharing a table with Louis Walsh and Sinitta, Simon spoke to Digital Spy about the X Factor Musical ‘I Can’t Sing and Louis return to the X Factor.

Simon acknowledged the musical didn’t work, saying “We took a punt and it didn’t work out,” Cowell said. “If I could do things different, I would have gone to local theatres and built up a following.”

He added: “We went in too big a theatre – it’s the biggest theatre in the West End.”


Simon also discussed Cheryl Cole’s impending return to The X Factor and addressed the likelihood that veteran judge Louis Walsh will also return.

When asked if Cheryl will be calling the shots this series, Cowell quipped: “She’s not. Can you see that? She doesn’t want Louis to come back, but he’ll be back… [I’ve spoken to her] A little bit, not much.

“But she’s keen. She’s looking forward to coming back, I think.”


He went on to say of Walsh’s potential return: “I want him to come back. We work really well together. I couldn’t imagine it [without him].”

Simon also spoke about fatherhood and Eric, saying  “He’s adorable. It gives you a balance in life. Not everything is about work,”

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Source: Digital Spy


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