Simon Cowell Shares Some Fun At Work With His Head of PR Ann-Marie.


Simon Cowell was clearly in a jovial mood as she spent time with Ann Marie Thompson in Beverly Hills in between attending to business.

AnnMarie has worked with Simon for nearly a decade and is Syco’s global head of media.


The pair have a great relationship and a few years ago when asked why he hired her he said it was because ‘she understands the relationship that I like to have with the media — a close one. A lot of publicists treat the media like enemies, which is ridiculous because the media makes you. She respects press.’


Discussing her own role, Ann-Marie revealed: ‘I help manage how much is actually possible because he’s running a business and running TV shows.

‘Simon knows I’ll always tell him the truth and get straight to the point and vice versa. You’ve got to have that.’


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