Simon Cowell Takes His Cam-Am-Spyder Bike Out For A Spin

dm1 cam-am-spyder

He’s a big fan of his boys’ toys, and it looks like Simon Cowell just couldn’t wait to go for a ride on his Cam-Am Spyder.

Simon hopped on the three-wheeled vehicle, which will’ve set him back around £30k, with no shoes on – simply wearing his trademark uniform of light coloured jeans and a tight white t-shirt.


Zooming up and down the road outside his Los Angeles mansion, he looked thrilled to be astride the special motorbike and flicked a peace gesture to the waiting photographers.

The silver and black super-hero style vehicle is the latest in a long line of fast cars and big boy toys Simon has splashed his hard-earned cash on.


Simon has something of a penchant for anything fast, slick and shiny – he’s been spotted out and about in Los Angeles over the last few days in various expensive high-end super cars.

The latest Cam-Am is the one of the only vehicles the music mogul own with just three wheels; he owns a fleet of sports cars including a one-off Jaguar Eagle Speedster.


One thought on “Simon Cowell Takes His Cam-Am-Spyder Bike Out For A Spin

  1. My Dad still collects Matchbox cars, he’s 82!!! Boys love toys. But then, I can’t say too much. I have a serious yarn stash!!!

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