Simon Cowell Delighted To Have Cheryl Cole – And Not Gary Barlow – On X Factor Panel


Many TV viewers think Gary Barlow was the best thing about the last three years of The X Factor. But try telling that to Simon Cowell.

He’s simply delighted he’ll have Cheryl Cole alongside him on the panel of the hit show this year instead of the Take That star.

“The truth is, and I am not being rude, I wouldn’t hire him to run my record label,” says Cowell, making it more than clear he is not Barlow’s biggest fan.

“Essentially that is what you are doing on The X Factor. You have got to be wide-eyed and Cheryl, one of the main reasons she is coming back is she is good at that.

In this NEW interview Simon says he hopes Louis Walsh will return to the panel and who the fourth judge might be. He also hasn’t ruled out returning to the USA.

“When the time is right I will go back to America,” he says. “I have already been offered two shows over there.” “They still like me.”



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