Has Simon Cowell Fired James Arthur From His Syco Record Label?

James Arthur6

FURIOUS Simon Cowell has fired X Factor champion James Arthur following the X Factor winners latest gaffe according to the Sun newspaper.

A music source said: “He’s blown it now. James was given a lot of special treatment that no other artist signed to a record label like Syco would get. “It’s a very sad and messy way for this to all end.”

The latest accusations being levelled at the Impossible hitmaker are that he recorded a song with the lyrics “I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist” and that was a step too far for the SYCO boss.

The Sun on Sunday reports that Simon is dropping James from his label, which means that – if the reports are true – the second album he has been working so hard on will NOT be released in conjunction with the music mogul and his company.

A source told the newspaper that while Simon and his team have tried to remain ‘loyal’ to James, he has been busy ‘self destructing’ and now has pushed the team too far.

The same source told the publication that Arthur has subsequently come to the ‘end of the road’ with SYCO, after writing a song for his All The World’s A Stage record which contained the lyrics: ‘I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist’.

Another of the tracks on the mixtape appears to glamorise drugs while another is a tirade of foul language.

James tweets that his songs was actually from the point of view of a mad fan and that he wanted everyone to hear it in context, but it appears that he may have just gone a little too far with his terrorist references.

It’s not the sort of material that a mainstream music company like Syco – who have stars like One Director and Susan Boyle on their books – are likely to want to be associated with.


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