Simon Cowell Offers Cheryl Cole Her Own Record Label Within Sony


Simon Cowell has offered Cheryl Cole the chance to run her own record label.

Simon is so convinced Cheryl has the eye for spotting talent he wants to make her head of a new label within Sony Music.

The frenemies are well and truly back on good terms after Cheryl signed a £1.5million deal to return as a judge on this year’s X Factor.

Simon Cowell now wants to take their working relationship one step further by offering her a job within his record label empire.

Simon revealed: “I’ve said to Cheryl if she wants a label at Sony I would do it in a heartbeat because she is a really good judge of talent.

“Cheryl got Cher Lloyd into the final, no one else would have done that.”

“If anyone else was mentoring her it would have been a disaster. The idea of Louis Walsh mentoring Cher would have been a disaster.”

But it seems the revitalised Cheryl is far too busy masterminding her own pop comeback to accept Simon’s offer – at the moment anyway!

Cheryl said “There won’t be any delay in the album with me doing X Factor.

It’s almost done and it’s full steam ahead.” Asked about song titles Cheryl let slip: “I’ve got one called I Don’t Care.” While Simon added: “And Punch.”

Plans for Cheryl’s comeback are a huge secret. Her team’s offi cial line is it’s way too early to speculate on any release dates.

Sources claim she will release a single in the summer and a second single and album in the autumn off the back of an X Factor performance.

A possible arena tour could then follow around March time if the album is a hit.

Talking about her time away from the spotlight, Cheryl added: “I took some time off and I feel back to my old self, really inspired. The new album is almost done.”


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