Simon Cowell To Make A New Business Show To Rival Dragons’ Den?


Simon Cowell is reportedly set to target budding entrepreneurs with a new business-themed reality TV show that will rival The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den.

According to The Sun, the currently untitled programme – created by the team at his Syco Entertainment the show will involve wannabes competing against each other to win a £1million grand prize.

The Show will share

similarities with Dragon’s Den – which recently aired its eleventh series on BBC Two – a twist involves viewers put in control the contestant’s fates.

Each week, businesspeople will be given two minutes to explain their proposals to a panel of three “benefactors” in the hope of securing a £100,000 investment.

The public will then vote on how much money they should recieve, up to a £70,000 limit – and if they secure at least a £35,000 backing from viewers, the benefactors will then be able to offer another £10,000 each.

The entrepreneurs who win the highest investment in each episode will then return for the series finale, when they’ll go head-to-head for the £1million jackpot.

An insider told the newspaper: “How often have you watched Dragons’ Den and disagreed with the Dragons? This way, the power won’t lie with the business bigwigs but with the audience at home.

“After all, they are the people who will hopefully be buying whatever it is these entrepreneurs come up with — the show would do the market research.”

The new format – which will be pitched to broadcasters including ITV in the near future.


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