Simon Cowell: “Cheryl Cole Would Be Crazy To Turn Down An X Factor Comeback”


Simon Cowell also questioned whether Cheryl is still the national sweetheart that made her such a huge hit with fans back in 2010.

The new dad told James Ingham from The Star on Sunday: “I think she would be crazy to turn it down but you never know with Cheryl.

“She needs the show, but then we need her too. We both need each other.

“Is she still the nation’s sweetheart? She hasn’t been on TV for three years so who knows.

“She hasn’t been around for a while but she only needs to peel an orange and she’s in the papers. That’s the interesting thing about her.”

Admitting Cheryl had got cold feet, Simon added: “To be fair to Cheryl it’s not about the money, it’s whether she can handle the pressure.

“I’m not sure yet though. She still has her poker face on.”

Should Cheryl return? Let us know what you think on our Twitter or Facebook?


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