Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman Spend the Afternoon Shopping


Leaving baby Eric at home, Simon Cowell and Lauren give themselves a break and go shopping in New York City.

Did Simon pop out for some licorice as earlier in the day he tweeted ‘ The best sweet shop in New York is Myzels. It’s really old fashioned and sells the most amazing licorice. I have to get some now.’


Earlier in the day they visited a family court to apparently apply for a passport for their 5 day old son. Simon is said to be looking forward to introducing the child to his mother Julie in the UK for the first time, but it is thought Eric will not fly out for a few more weeks as experts recommend waiting until a newborn is four to six weeks old before going on an aeroplane.

He previously revealed he and Lauren, were planning to move back to London soon after Eric’s birth, as the star will be working on his ITV series.

Earlier this month, he said: ‘Lauren knows what my work schedule is so she is cool with that and we will travel a little bit.

‘We made the decision to come back to the UK and she wants to live here for a while.’


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