Simon Cowell’s First Words to his Newborn Son “I Waited All My Life For You”

Simon Cowell returned to the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York today giving the thumbs up to photographers.

Simon Cowell’s first words to his newborn son “I waited all my life for you” An emotional Simon, was said to have wept tears of joy at the birth of his first child, telling girlfriend Lauren Silverman: “This is the happiest day of my life.

He was in tears as he watched the birth and broke down when Eric was handed  to him. ‘It was such an incredible and emotional day – so surreal you couldn’t make it up. Simon was by his girlfriend Lauren’s side the entire time. He’s besotted by the baby.’

Simon was so overwhelmed, he offered luxury holidays to hospital staff just moments later to show his gratitude.

Our source said: “He was in such a good mood and felt like he owed them all a massive debt for bringing his son into the world safely.

“Just a few hours after the birth he said he wanted to pay for seven of the staff to enjoy a trip to Barbados. He felt it was the least he could do.”

Simon celebrated the birth with a hamburger and Corona light beer last night.


He named the boy in memory of his late father Eric – whose middle name was also Phillip – who died of a heart attack aged 81 in 1999.

A source today said: “Simon wanted to pay proper tribute to the influence of his late father in his life.

“Eric Philip is clearly a very proper and respectful tribute to the man. But there’s no doubt he also wanted to pay some kind of tribute to another Philip who has been a major inspiration in his life, Sir Philip Green.

“It’s tremendous he’s been able to pay respect to two different male role models with his baby son’s birth.”

Eric Philip was born in New York at 10.45pm UK time, weighing 6lbs 7oz.

Simon rushed from the UK to be there and the first person he called was mum Julie Brett, 87 – said to be deeply touched at the tribute to her late husband.

Today Simon told wellwishers: “It’s an amazing day. I’m so happy.”

A source close to Simon said: “It was an incredible and emotional day. Simon was by Lauren’s side the entire time from when he arrived. He admitted he was a little nervous before but when it came to it he was completely natural.”

Despite his long journey Simon spent yesterday awake with his new family.

The source said: “There were a few happy tears from everyone, including Simon. He kept thanking everyone at the hospital and his team. He couldn’t stop smiling. They’re so excited and Lauren feels great. Simon’s besotted and they’re both so totally in love.”

Cowell will spend a few days with Lauren and Eric before returning to the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel. Lauren will join him in the UK in five to six weeks.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: “As much as it saddens Simon to leave them he’s determined to make this year’s BGT a huge success.”

Lauren will apply for a passport for Eric but Cowell has vowed his son will have dual US and UK citizenship.

For more Photos of Simon at the hospital click HERE


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