What is Simon Cowell Like Behind The Wheel of a Fast Car?

racing car zoom

Heat magazine caught up with Top Gear’s original Stig, Ben Collins and asked what celebrities where like when they got behind the wheel.

Simon Cowell, obviously he’s not shy and he was really good fun” said Ben. “He set the fastest time twice and in his own style but we had a good laugh and he spun me off the track in a noble super car at 120mph which was a chuckle.

He loves driving fast. When I was driving he maintained this stiff upper lip and nonchalant half grin, regardless of how hard I tried to push and show him how fast I could go. I didn’t realise they were going to let him drive afterwards – it’s always a mistake to show them how fast it can go and the we gave the keys to him and he definitely had some revenge.”

Maybe someone should tell Simon that when the little one arrives, he’ll have to drive a lot slower with a baby on board…

Source: Heatworld.com


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