Simon Cowell To Introduce ‘Golden Buzzer’ To Instantly Put An Act Through?!

The Golden Buzzer

This year’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions kick off in Belfast tomorrow, and apparently, the show’s bosses have introduced a ‘Golden Buzzer’ feature which would see an act deemed truly exceptional being put straight through to the live shows.

The new bell – which will sit in the middle of the panel – will be an emergency device aimed at giving acts a judge feels passionately about a guaranteed place.

It seems that all four judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden, will have the opportunity to press the buzzer, but they can do so only once.

The new addition to the judges’ desk is designed to ensure that an act such as Susan Boyle doesn’t have to go through the traditional voting and is guaranteed a place on the live shows.

The Sun’s TV Biz reports, “Pressing it will see the stage erupt in light, music and glitter to celebrate the act getting through.”

A show insider said, “The idea is that if any of the judges absolutely love an act, they can press the buzzer once during the audition rounds to win them an automatic place in the live shows.

“Given how there’s often a lot of disagreement on the judging panel, this is sure to stir things up.

“Last year Amanda and Alesha walked off set during auditions after Simon and David refused to vote for a dance act which they thought deserved to go through to the next round.

“If this happened again, one of the girls could automatically give the act a place.

“Also, David is known for championing some of the quirkier acts, much to Simon’s frustration — and will no doubt end up pressing it just to wind him up.”

The buzzer will be in place for the first auditions in Belfast tomorrow,

A list of all audition cities and dates can be found on our BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT page.

Photo credit: The Sun


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