Simon Cowell Is No Diva When It Comes To His Hotel Demands.

W84-hotel bed

According to the Daily Star Newspaper Simon Cowell makes sure he keeps up with the news when staying in hotels by having The New York Times, The LA Times and The Daily Star delivered daily.

His other demands are the hotel room must be kept at 74F. And just like Elton John, it has to have only white flowers such as lilies and orchids.

Simon also checks in under an alias, even though his face is world-famous, he does not want people calling him in his room so he uses the names of pop stars instead.

He orders the same food in every hotel, with his favourite dishes cottage pie, fish and chips, mashed potatoes and cheese sandwiches.

Since he works through the night and is a late riser, he always has a late breakfast sent to the room at 11am.

Simon also loves to snack on vegetables throughout the day including his favourites, carrots.

A source said: “Simon might have multi millions in the bank but he has quite simple tastes and isn’t anywhere near as big a diva as the likes of Beyoncé or Mariah Carey.”


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