Simon Cowell Says The World’s Had Enough Of Lady Gaga And Thinks Beyonce’s Got It Right


Simon Cowell isn’t exactly a huge fan of Lady Gaga.

Simon reckons that there has been an awful lot of hype around her in 2013 but despite her being absolutely everywhere – not to mention her raunchy appearance on the X Factor earlier this year – he thinks she might be over.

In a no holds barred interview with Kay Burley and Stig Abell on LBC 97.3, Simon, said: “I think overall this has been a really, really good year for music, I was saying that to someone last night, it’s almost as if songs have come back into fashion again.

“I mean, some people have had a great year, some people have had a bad year, it’s quite interesting that after all the hype, Lady Gaga, it’s almost as if people have just had enough of it.”

Simon has nothing but praise for Beyonce, who surprised us all 10 days ago with her album release.

She came out of the blue with it by launching through iTunes – which meant none of it was leaked and there was no hype at all.

Simon reckons that this is the way forward, and that Beyonce will be around for a lot longer than Lady Gaga.

He added: “You see the Beyoncé album drop out of nowhere in the middle of the night and crash the internet.

No pre-promotion, no stupid pictures, nothing. And again, maybe this is the sign of how things are going to change in the future.”

Hear the rest of the interview on 2013: What A Year That Was – to be broadcast on LBC 97.3 on Boxing Day at 12pm.

Source: Daily Mirror


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