The UK X Factor Winner Sam Bailey Thought Simon Cowell Was Rory Bremner On The Phone

Sam Bailey was so shocked that Simon Cowell phoned to congratulate her, she thought it was an impersonator.


Simon rang today to discuss plans for her upcoming debut album.

Surprised Sam revealed to The Sun she didn’t think the X Factor king was actually on the phone. She said: “I thought, ‘Do I call him Sir or boss?’ “Is this really happening or is it impersonator? Rory Bremner does a good Simon Cowell impression.”

The singing star also stated Simon came across as a “nice guy”.

Sam also revealed Simon called her ‘babe’ during the surreal phone call – which she loved.

Simon said he had enjoyed watching her performances and that the she seemed really focused.

Meanwhile, the former prison officer also defended X Factor judge Louis Walsh for telling viewers to vote for her rather than the 17-year old Scot, his own act, in the final. She stated the public can make up their own minds.

She said: “I voted for Nicky in the semi-final. Does that make me a bad person because I’m voting for my opposition?”

Sam will support pop icon Beyonce on 24th February as part of her upcoming UK tour.



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