Backstage Interview With Simon Cowell At The X Factor USA


We caught up with Simon Cowell for an interview backstage at the X Factor USA

Demi has lost all of her acts, you couldn’t have planned it better yourself?

You know the funny thing is, even though she doesn’t say it much on the show, Demi is so into my acts I don’t think she cared that much to be honest with you.


Seriously.  I think everyone is really behind Restless Road but in particular Alex & Sierra. We saw something last night on that second song which is outside of what we normally see on the competition.  That was like something you see on a show with two proper artists singing a beautiful song fantastically well.  So it all changed last night.

What do you think of them being No. 1 today on iTunes?

We were watching it all last night.  People were texting me saying this record was flying up the charts and then as soon as I woke up this morning I got the news they were No. 1. Mind you, the original is like No. 3 or something.  It’s incredible. I’ve always said this about these shows.  It’s not about winning a silly trophy. It’s about launching an artist.  It’s about a career outside of it and that’s what I’m most proud of. It does launch proper artists.

Did that happen last night for Alex & Sierra?

Yea. I do.  I think it was that moment.  You always have a moment.  Certain contestants I can remember having it with One Direction and Leona Lewis.  There’s one song where you go, I can see this working.

Anything you have in mind for Season 4 that you can tease?

Well no. We have an idea in our heads.  We learned a lot about what we did wrong and what we did right. Things I think would make the show more exciting. But most importantly is what I was just saying a second ago.  We have to trust our A&R abilities. That this show can find better artists then anyone else.  That’s the future of the show.

Would you consider switching to a one-night model like ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Yea, I do actually.  I think that’s gonna be the pattern going forward.  That’s how we started in the UK. We started off making one hour shows and ninety minute shows and now you have two hour shows and two and a half hour shows and they’re like marathons. You know, I like two hour shows…everything contained.

Demi was brought to tears by Rion last night.  What made you choose Carlito

I think what it was is that I didn’t think she could win. She’s 13 or 14 years old and she’s got a long way ahead of her and she’ll be remembered.  I thought that with Carlito, if you look at his background, how hard he tries the underdog, I just kind of felt that maybe he deserves that extra little…I could have argued it either way.

Does it help you that she’s off the show?

I was not thinking that. I knew someone was going to ask me that. I think the best two acts by miles are Restless Road and Alex & Sierra and I think a final three with the two of them doing the best of what they’ve done in the competition so far, with confidence, would be an exciting final for me.  I’d love that.

Who do you think deserves that third spot?

It could be three.  I have to say Jeff.  he worked hard for it. I don’t think he’ll win.

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