How Two Yorkie Pups Called Squiddly and Diddly Have Stolen The Heart of Simon Cowell


A fabulous article from the Daily Mail on the life of Squddly and Diddly

They are the cute ‘fur babies’ who are helping Simon Cowell prepare for impending fatherhood.

The X Factor supremo and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman adopted Yorkshire terrier pups Squiddly and Diddly last month – and he says they are helping him ‘road test’ his £22 million Beverly Hills mansion before the arrival of their child early next year.

Cradling the puppies in his arms, a clearly smitten Cowell, 54, said: ‘I’m experimenting right now with Squiddly and Diddly.

‘I think dogs are good training for babies. They are still puppies and they are falling in the swimming pool and getting lost in the house.

‘This is a bit of a road test for the real thing. Squiddly is the girl and Diddly is the boy and they are very naughty but great fun. I would say to anyone thinking about getting a dog – just do it. They bring so much happiness into your life.’

The Mail on Sunday was given an intimate look inside the life of the pampered pooches in this exclusive set of photographs taken at the music mogul’s sprawling home.

The Yorkies have free run of the house and spend most nights curled up at the foot of their master’s king-sized bed.

Cowell, who once admitted he was ‘fanatical’ about everything in his house being ‘just so’, has clearly relaxed his rules for the new additions to his family.


In one shot, Diddly is seen drinking water from a fine china cup and saucer placed on a designer leather side table while Squiddly – who is virtually identical to her brother except for an ear which flops over – perches on a silk cushion on the custom-made sofa.

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Another picture shows the pair relaxing on top of Cowell’s magnificent grand piano. A source said: ‘Simon is devoted to the dogs. He adores them and they have the run of the place.


‘Whenever they go missing they’ve usually raced upstairs to find Simon. Normally there isn’t a pillow out of place but he’s relaxed the rules for the puppies.

They are very much his babies but he’s definitely the master. He went away recently and  when he came back he had to have words with Diddly because he was strutting a little.

‘There was a bit of a drama when one of them almost fell into the swimming pool the other day. Obviously the whole house will be properly child–proofed before the baby arrives. But the dogs have been a wonderful addition to the household.  Simon has a dog trainer but it’s pretty obvious they are the ones training him now.’

It is thought Cowell named the pooches after his favourite 1960s cartoon about a musical squid called Squiddly Diddly.

But during an earlier season of the US X Factor, he referred to his fellow judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul by the moniker, dismissing them with the words: ‘I think the audience at home are going to disagree with Squiddly and Diddly here.’

There has been online speculation that a private chef cooks for the pups, but it is, in fact, Cowell who is in charge at meal times. They are being raised on organic canned dog-food, which their master feeds them twice a day. He and Lauren walk them together every evening.

The puppies are house-trained and have had piles of dog toys lavished upon them, according to insiders.

Cowell says he will set up a Twitter account for the Yorkies soon, and has already used his own account to post pictures of the dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 22.38.18

One was labelled, ‘Happiness is 2 puppies asleep’, another shows a dozing Squiddly with her eyes rolling back with the caption ‘Squiddly has gone mad’ and in another she is lounging on his bed with her tongue poking out, with the message: ‘Squiddly wants an ice cream.’

The pups have already had a taste of the spotlight, appearing on TV  in America as their owner filmed segments promoting the latest series of the American X Factor.

Cowell has long been a dog-lover and has said: ‘I’m going to leave my money to charity, probably dogs and kids. I don’t believe in passing it on from one generation to another.’

He is also a huge fan of dog acts, backing talented pooch Pudsey to win Britain’s Got Talent last year.


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