Our Interview With Simon Cowell At The X Factor USA – November 7th 2013

Simon At The X Factor Last Night.

Simon was in a jovial mood as he sat down to chat to us at the X Factor on Thursday evening. We asked Simon “Our Followers were wondering if Little Mix and Fifth Harmony will be on the show, can you confirm that?”  Read on for Simon’s reply and a lot more…

So how do you feel it all went down? I mean obviously it was not ideal how everything happened today. But how do you think everything went considering?

SC: I loved it! In a weird way I always like it when things go wrong for some reason. I just get a kick out of it. It makes live TV more exciting. So when it all was going down and everyone was freaking out I was kind of thinking “I am horribly enjoying myself” I don’t know what it is. It’s the unexpected you know? But you deal with it. We all had songs prepared thank god. If we hadn’t had songs prepared it would have been a nightmare.

Do you think some people were hurt and some people were helped by tonight?
SC: I think you’re right. I think Rion was amazing. That lyric of that song and that performance and the fact that she did it all herself. I said to Demi “You know this girl is seriously seriously good. 13 years old.” She was amazing and it was exciting to watch.

It made us all emotional: 
SC: It was emotional. When you think about the lyric and what’s happened in her life. But I think Demi got a wake up tonight over that.

Out of the gate even though it’s next week Selena Gomez is going to be on the show. That’s a great get. You said in a previous interview that One direction are coming back in town. Any other people that you can surprise us with that might be showing up?
SC: There are a lot of names in there at the moment. We’re trying to get things to line up with themes and stuff like that. But then when people become available. So we’re talking alot.

Are One Direction giving you a rough time as they’ve seen you change the last couple of months?:
SC: I spoke to Louis last night because his Mum is pregnant and she’s about to have the kid the same time as Lauren so it’s a race to see who is going to go first. I think I’m gonna win.
But I have a good relationship with them. You never know. On the third album it can be tricky. They’ve had a lot of success and they’re so young. They could turn into nightmares. I see it in the media all the time with people just out of control. But they’re good.

What keeps those guys in control? Is it you?
SC: Not really. I’ve told them from the beginning. “I’m not going to be some guard telling you what to do. You’re all smart. You can work it out for yourselves.” and they have worked it out. They have fun. I’ve always said to them if it’s not fun you have to stop doing it.

We noticed when Lauren was in the audience last week you kept looking back and looking for her reaction. Does she have any early favorites? Do you two contrast and compare?
SC: She gets really into the song choices. She was texting me the other night like song after song after song but she came up with this very good idea for Alex and Sierra which I think we’re going to do next week.

You said she has a lot of input in what you are doing in the show?
SC: I mean thank god yeah! She’s genuinely interested so we work on ideas together.

We’ve been asking people about how you’ve changed over the last six months. The general consensus is that you have maybe gotten more mellow. Do you agree with that?
SC: Overall. and I’ve had to remind myself that if you’re not having a great time you’ve just got to stop doing it. There’s always pressure on me. It’s a fun job because you make it up as you go along. Like when you asked me about what artists are coming on. Half of them I haven’t got a clue and I like it. That’s why I enjoyed tonight so much. There was this buzz when I walked into the studio because people knew the whole thing could be in shambles and I kind of liked it.

But you knew it wouldn’t be
SC: No but we were REALLY close to coming off the air at one point and if we didn’t do it then we would have to do the whole thing over again next week. So there was a lot of pressure. Literally in the breaks they were saying “You can say THREE words and that’s it”

You didn’t seem very impressed with Sweet Suspense tonight but I actually thought tonight was better for them
SC: I’m always cautious because what you hear in the room because its loud like being in a club and then you hear it back home and you think “Oh my god what am I thinking?” So I was kind of being cautious. I was actually trying to get people to vote for them.

We’re right around the corner from Christmas. What does somebody get the guy that has everything?
SC: A yacht. You can all chip in together!

Our Followers were wondering if Little Mix and Fifth Harmony will be on the show, can you confirm that? 
SC: Fifth Harmony will definitely be on!


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