Simon Cowell Sings Power Rangers To Raise $1 Million At A Fund Raising Event

SIMON Cowell has raised $1 million for charity after agreeing to sing the Power Rangers theme tune.

Super-rich Power Rangers creator Haim Saban offered to donate the sum to the Friends of Israel Defence Forces if the X Factor boss agreed to belt out the classic children’s TV show theme.

Simon, who was attending a charity benefit in Beverly Hills, LA, eventually reluctantly agreed to sing a single line of “Go Go Power Rangers”.

He then offered to donate an extra $100,000 if he could stop singing, Mr Saban told him if he made it $250,000 they had a deal.

After the event Simon spoke to FMiL radio saying how much he admired the Israeli people for their humour and passion. Simon also announced he will visit the country next year

Simon has always felt a connection to the Jewish people as his father was jewish.


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