We Join Simon Cowell At The X Factor USA Premiere Party In Hollywood

Our photo of Simon on the Blue Carpet

Our photo of Simon on the Blue Carpet

We joined Simon Cowell and The X Factor judges at Cecconi’s restaurant in Hollywood last night for the Premiere Party and preview screening of the show.

Arriving on the blue carpet minutes before Simon, Demi, Kelly, Paulina and Mario made their entrances. Taking photos and doing press interviews before heading inside to the private premiere screening.

Simon Cowell has always been one to know how to throw a party. So with the inside looking gorgeous as ever and food and drinks flowing. Simon took to the microphone to welcome and thank everyone for coming. “First I’d like to reveal something exclusive… I’M GOING TO BE A DAD! and nobody knows!” He joked. Demi jumped in with “And I’m going to be the Godmother!”  With all of the judges in great moods and the whole place erupting in laughter, it was time to start the screening.

This new series takes a different direction, focusing more and more on the contestants. We are given stories of hope and triumph in several truly amazing contestants who blow every other singing show competitor out of the water.

This years show will be filled with some absolutely outstanding talent and we can’t wait to watch thier journey.

The X Factor screens September 11th and 12th on Fox.

More of our EXCLUSIVE photos HERE


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