Simon Cowell on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno And A Preview Of Simon’s Interview With Ellen

Simon Cowell on Leno

Simon Cowell on Leno

Simon Cowell appered on The Late Show with Jay Leno last night where yet again another interview was dominated by baby talk.

Leno opened the interview saying I’ve known you what, 12 or 15 years? I never thought I’d say this: congratulations! You’re going to be a dad! That’s amazing!’

Simon replied ‘Am I? Yeah, that was a bit of a shocker. When you first get the call, it’s like, OK, put the phone down, gulp. And then I got used to the idea.

Still remaining coy on whether baby is a boy or girl, Simon would only confirm that it’s, ‘One of the two. While he managed not to spill the closely-guarded secret, Simon admitted, ‘I do know what it is,’ before talking about his hopes for his offspring.

‘If it’s a boy, I kind of hope he turns out like me as I was older, not when I was child – cause when I was a child I was obnoxious,’ he laughed.

Simon also prerecorded an interview with Ellen Degeneres yesterday where the baby was the main topic.

Ellen presents Simon with a mini me outfit

Ellen presents Simon with a mini me outfit

Ellen questions the star about his reaction to the surprise news that he’s going to be a dad, to which Simon responds that he’s feeling great about the prospect despite the initial public scrutiny.

‘Oh my god, this is exciting and this is going to be a bit of a nightmare for the next few weeks – because everyone knows it was well documented,’ he says. ‘It was kind of uncomfortable, you know, the situation.

‘But these things happen and everything is kind of calm now and I’m happy. I’m actually happier than I’ve ever been.’

Asking how Lauren is coping with the very public situation, Simon says the 36-year-old is ‘in a really good place’.

Simon Cowell has hit back at disparaging rumours about his baby mama, Lauren Silverman – insisting she’s not a gold-digger.

‘I obviously can’t blame the media – it was kind of what I call a juicy story,’ he says. ‘But there was a lot of stuff that was said about her: that she trapped me and that she’s a gold-digger. It’s absolute nonsense. She’s a great girl but, like I said, it was awkward because of the circumstances.’

Ellen soon has the dad-to-be in hysterics when she presents him with a mini-me outfit for his ‘son’.

The jeans and white v-neck top are the spitting image of Cowell’s signature style, while she also tosses in tiny father and son matching black round-neck tees for good measure.

Watch two videos from The Tonight Show with Leno on our Video Page

Simon’s interview on Ellen airs on Tuesday Sept 10.  Simon is also appearing on Jimmy Kimmel on Sept 10th


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